Smoke Fashion, Not Cigarettes

While I was having a cup of cappucino with a toast of bread, a sudden look at the toast made me think about the designs present in India. So with a rush in hunger levels, I began.

Fashion in India grows day by day. Well, the reason is quite simple. A nation that inhabits so many
forms of folk arts, cuisines, colours, cultures, languages, traditions, music, places and festivals in itself, can’t be easily debarred from ruling the runways.

When we talk about the renowned fashion designers, the names of Sabyasachi, J J Valaya, Raghavendra Pratap Singh and Manish Malhotra strikes our mind, as if they are the keywords of fashion in India.

Designer: J J Valaya

Designer: J J Valaya

Be it Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week or New York Fashion Week, in recent years, you can find reflections of Indian art and craft. Ranging from bindis to embellishments to sarees to appalling use of colours and patterns to the turbans to the bandhgalas to the concerns of society and environment, India rules. An eye for detailing with drops of minimalism with innocence is always there for the couturiers as well as fashion icons.

When Sabyasachi is working, expect miracles with rave reviews for his designs.
Designer: Sabyasachi

Designer: Sabyasachi

Designer: Sabyasachi

Besides Fashion Weeks, a glimpse of Indian fashion can also be seen in renowned music and fashion streets of the world. Be it the Zari of Lucknow or the Madhubani paintings or the Lavani, this land of mystics and celebrations has always got something to offer.

Why Indian designers are globally recognized?? An eye for innovation while carrying the culture in their wallet of hearts is what makes them so special. When Samant Chauhan launched his Kamasutra collection taking inspirations from the book as well as Ajanta paintings, he did nothing but started a trend of showcasing what Indians can bring on the ramp and cocooned the silk fabric with style.

Designer: Samant Chauhan

Designer: Samant Chauhan

And who can forget the recent eclectic Spring Summer 2015 collection of Manish Arora’s Kalidars.

MA details-2c

Designer: Manish Arora

MA details-5a
Designer: Manish Arora

MA details-6a
Designer: Manish Arora

Tarun Tahiliani’s Trend for a Cause collection at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW14 deserves an appreciation. White Bindi, which created an awe and respect for fashion lovers is quite enthralling.


Designer: Tarun Tahiliani

Last but not the least, talent is something that will never be in crisis, if properly nourished.


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