Say FASHION and art comes alive.

A buzzword for designers, artists, thinkers, fashion bloggers, stylists, who live for that feeling. For some, fashion is an anomaly and for some, that aberration is the real truth. Well, who doesn’t like to look fab every time and that’s where fashion speaks up.

Fashion shows are nothing but a rush in the hearts of individuals, particularly artists of different genres, who see things in a different way. These catwalks are all about showing the world what you’ve got in you and about the culture you belong to. It is an alchemy of life in colours and a soup of mixed emotions.

Every designer has a particular way of displaying their emotions and talents to the world that they create. Be it Chanel’s Little Black Dress, Alexander McQueen’s wedding dress for the Duchess (Kate Middleton), Sabyasachi’s ethnic creations, Lady Gaga as the highest rated fashion icon, Raghwendra Rathore’s Bandhgalas, or Samant Chauhan’s Kamasutra collection, fashion never rusts its origins.

Be it Paris Fashion Week or New York Fashion Week, almost all of them are an amalgamation of a platform where each of them represents a culture of growth in innovation as well as economy. It defines the perspective of the best individual talents that are creating a buzz in the world of opportunities.

Words like “All Things New York”, ”Reds”, “Boyfriend Jeans”, “Sneakers”, “Pastels”, “Transparents” have created a lot of buzz this year, says ”Global Language Monitor”. Every designer draws an inspiration from somewhere. Organizations like WGSN or Promostyl play a big part in forecasting the fashion trends and many designer labels use such services to incorporate something new to the fashion arena.

But still the question remains that what is it exactly that inspires a designer to bring out something worth relishing on the floor. The dresses worn by the models are a statement that a designer wants to showcase to people who wants to stay ahead in fashion. The way a model walks on the ramp or the way the entire show is being organized, designers keep their fingers crossed and wait for the applause in the forms of reviews or ratings.

It’s all about the space a fashion label wants to occupy online as well as offline. Growth of social media and lifestyle blogs have also enabled  a lot of fashion icons to go viral on the web and celebrities like Lady Gaga’s wardrobes, Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse’s vintage appeal, or Marilyn Monroe’s tattoos on the body of street artists or skaters and athletes, nothing’s going to fade.

For many designers, street fashion adds wings to the roller-coasters of a designer and brings out a completely fresh and dynamic concept to fashion. Fashion’ as a concept has achieved great heights in our society that in some way or the other has become a part of one and all. It is a thriving industry that isn’t just cut throat but aesthetic as well. The tall and attractive models, the stunning dresses, the music, the accessories and the spectators, are the basic ingredients of a well-crafted fashion show and an amazing runway creates a niche as well as spark in the fashion arena.

In the recent years, nations like India, Tokyo, and San Francisco are changing the rules of the game and turning out to be the coolest fashion destinations. Inclusion of Mumbai and New Delhi in the 2012 list of fashion capitals was really captivating.

In August 2014, Marc Worth, founder of WGSN gave a statement that the fashion industry has lost all of its creativity due to the over-reliance on copycat trends. More than 75,000 users are currently subscribed to the online services of WGSN. And as per him, this is hurting the industry as all the companies who are signed up with WGSN, look at the same colour forecasts, swatches, material and silhouettes.

As the lifestyle is developing at a very rapid pace, so is the awareness to sustainable fashion is also reaching new heights. Recently, Kering, a.k.a. the parent company of Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, McQueen and McCartney unveiled a five-year partnership with Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion.

Put your sleeves on as the industry of fashion is here to stay and will never lose its timeworn character. A strand of silk, chalk powder, dusts of wood, ashes of leaves or anything can inspire an artist to revive his or her art.

Stay tuned! For fashion is nothing but a couture of celebration..


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