There lies a sunshine without shadows
Screaming out to cut the gap
Breathing in a light of hope
Respect lies beneath her throat.
Ringing the bells of sadness
She walks without looking at her own reflection
Bridging the gaps of untapped society
She flies in the air like a phoenix.
Blinded by the norms of aristocracy
Life’s a number she can’t read
Claiming a life that goes nowhere
She tries to cover her own soul.
Then the applause of the dead stood in front
Leaving her aghast with no choices
Trying to see the door of excuses they call honour
Leaving shades of cosmic dust she can’t see.
Instilled with the choice of no choices
 She surrenders herself to the roads
But more she looks for it
Roads are visible to none.
Carrying a dote of smile on her face
She created a god of her own
Living it was worse than the dead apocalypse
So she walks, and walks, and walks.
Tapping the note of wisdom she believes in
But belief is a mere illusion
Clicking through the old lens of time
All she sees is an hourglass.
Salt in deserts ain’t a phenomena
Going to see the light from a whisper
You are the lover of the light
So stop whispering the dreams to people.
Polaroids let you break the monotony
Yet life is a halo of compromises
See what you want to see
Because once I was blind, but now I can see.
Turning the pages like the notes of a piano
Violin, they say, is the new cool
But happiness is the biggest chaos
That she could never see.
Dreaming a world of fantasies
There she runs like an angel of the blues
Yet she forgot to see herself in the mirror
As broken mirrors never halt to start a walk.
Well, that was just a phase she thought
She never reclaimed to know her truth
Truth is straight but powerful
But she sparkled through the rain.
Like the dew on the morning grass
She is the blue she can’t see
She is the voice she can’t hear
She is the touch she can’t feel.
You might wonder when you see her
For gasping at her ain’t an excuse
There lies a heart rustling in pieces
That lets her rule as if it’s her kingdom.
Praying for her can’t make her smile
Being a part of the cry is what blinds her
Drums are beaten to echo a voice
Here lies an angel who can’t suffice.
She is her father and her mother
But god is holding to see her shatter
Rough ain’t her broken enigma
A shot of truth recreates her aroma.
Moths on buds foresee her breath
There lies a truth none can decipher
Yet she breaks the string of silence
Like a cuckoo flying over the nest.
Drops of love she cared for
Went against the notion of light
For darkness is her new soul
You can’t see her roll.
She is the mountain she can’t climb
She is the iron she can’t bleed
She is the poem she can’t read
Yet she is infinity.

Smoke Fashion, Not Cigarettes

While I was having a cup of cappucino with a toast of bread, a sudden look at the toast made me think about the designs present in India. So with a rush in hunger levels, I began.

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Sports + Fashion= Lifetime Collaboration

Speaking of fashion, the word for the future is, Active sportswear. This is what has been dominating the runways in recent times and has acknowledged the works of young and talented designers with rave and sophisticated reviews.

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Say FASHION and art comes alive.

A buzzword for designers, artists, thinkers, fashion bloggers, stylists, who live for that feeling. For some, fashion is an anomaly and for some, that aberration is the real truth. Well, who doesn’t like to look fab every time and that’s where fashion speaks up.

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